The 1880s

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President Fremont endorsed Senator John Sherman for president during the Republican National Convention, and he went on to win the nomination. Democrats nominated the hugely popular Samuel J. Tilden of New York, who went on to do expectedly poorly against Sherman. It seemed as though the 'Fremont Republicans' would dominate politics for years to come.


Anti-Business advocates found themselves tugged between the growing Greenback-Labor Party and the new Socialist Party. President Sherman made it a priority to stay on track with Fremont economics, but also believed firmly in Manifest Destiny, and made it his dream to mold states out of the remainder of US territory. Sherman also contemplated forging an alliance with Great Britain during his term, but instead moved the US closer to Russia after an assassination attempt on Tsar Alexander II failed.


The midterm elections found the Republicans with an even larger majority in Congress, much attributed to President Sherman's excellent foreign policy skills. At the same time, the Democrats gained seats lost by the crumbling States' Rights Party. President Sherman continued on his Reconstruction route and showed no signs of slowing.